Offset And Digital Printing Compared

If you have a printing project needs to be handled by a professional print house, you have a lot to consider. Before you take your project to the pros, you should first understand the main differences between digital and offset printing. In some cases, one method will be more practical and economical than the other method. This article compares the two popular printing methods that should help you decide which will be most appropriate for your projects.

Three Things You Need To Know About Having Blueprints Created When Creating A Custom Home

Having a home custom built allows you to have a house that suits your family's needs perfectly. Before you can have the house built, you need to have blueprints created by an architect for a builder to follow when they start building your house. Learn a few things you need to know about having blueprints created in the guide that follows. Provide the Architect with Detailed Information When you have blueprints created, it is important to provide the architect with as much detail as you possibly can about the home you want to have built.

Why You Will Want To Opt For Miniature Folding For Your Paper Inserts

Whether you have to try to stuff a lot of instructions, coupon, flyer, or another form of advertisement into a small box, you will want to consider making use of the printing service known as miniature folding. In order to have a much better idea as to how this type of printing service can benefit you, you will want to take a look at the following points: You Can Get A Lot Of Information Packed In

3 Tips For Creating An Effective 3D Printed Object

If you have something that you want created on a 3D printer, here are a few tips to keep in mind as you craft your 3D project and get it ready to have a 3D printing service create the object. #1 Think Carefully About The Height When you craft an object to be 3D printed, you need to think carefully about the height of the project. You don't want your project to be close to the max height allowable by the 3D printer.

Making Better Company Presentations: Three Ideas

When working on an important presentation for clients, you might be preparing in the same way you've prepared for other presentations in the past. However, to make your presentation memorable and valuable to your audience, you might consider the following ideas for greater success. Focus on Their Needs While your presentation might contain a lot of information that clients need, it's vital that you remember that the focus is on their needs.

3 Mistakes That Could Sink Your At-Home Screen Printing Business

Starting your own at-home screen printing business sounds like a fun endeavor, but there are some pitfalls that could hurt your business. Fortunately, many mistakes that newbies to screen printing make are avoidable with attention to detail and research. To help get you started on the right path with your business, here are a few screen printing mistakes to watch out for.  Failing to Do Your Research Screen printing seems simple enough, but it is far more complex than you might realize.

Two Suggestions For Direct Mailing Success

When you're looking over your overall marketing strategy, you may be curious about methods that you haven't yet tried. If you've been focusing on internet marketing or event marketing, you may have overlooked direct mail campaigns. You may wonder if those can still be effective in the digital age, but the truth is that direct marketing can still attract a large number of customers if you observe the suggestions below.

2 Tips For Successful At-Home Photo Printing

With only 190 one-hour photo shops open in the entire United States, more and more people are turning to home photo printing. Unfortunately, if you are like most people, you might notice that those pictures spooled from your home computer are a far cry from the professionally adjusted and produced photos you used to be able to print at your local grocery store. However, you might be able to boost your chances of home printing success by following these two tips:

6 Ways To Make Your Next Brochure More Eco-Friendly

You can text and email to reach existing customers, but nothing beats a printed brochure for introducing strangers to your brand. Before ordering the first brochure package you find from a printing company, take the time to consider how your marketing materials can go green. Try these six eco-friendly printing tips to get more attention for your company just by appealing to consumers concerned about the environment. Considerate Design Take a look at your brochure artwork and text first.