How A Screen Printing Process Is Conducted

Screen printing is conducted entirely by hand. It is a printing process that utilizes a fine mesh screen, thick ink, a press, and a drying process. Due to the quick speed of screen printing and the low-cost factor that is involved in this type of printing, you may want to utilize this method to mass-produce garments for your public event. Digital Versus Screen Printing Digital printing is performed via a printer and digital technology.

3 Tips To Improve The Design Of Your Custom Display

Marketing and advertising are considered the lifeblood of most companies. Anytime your employees participate in a major event, you will want to incorporate custom displays into the event to help promote your business. Custom displays, like banners or flags, can either elevate your company's status or cause consumers to cringe. Here are three tips that you can use to help improve the design of your custom displays for more effective marketing in the future.