Advertising a Going Out of Business Sale

Screen Printing - Effective Advertising For Your Business

Use screen printing to advertise your business. Screen-printed designs can be added to a variety of textiles. The finished products can be given or sold to people within the region where you operate your business from.


Thermoplastic ink is often used to perform screen printing applications. This type of ink is heated during the screen-printing process. The heat aids with transferring the ink to fabric and solidifying it. Thermoplastic ink can be used on light and dark-colored fabrics. It is waterproof and able to withstand cold and hot water wash cycles within a washing machine.

Thermoplastic ink products come in many shades, ranging from basic primary colors to glow-in-the-dark shades. Thermoplastic ink leaves a slightly raised surface on garments. The pronounced appearance of an ink product will make a screen-printed design stand out. 

Screen Printing

The screen-printing process requires a machine operator to prepare a stencil that will represent the design that will be added to garments. A customer should select the types of textiles that they would like screen printing added to. Then they should consult with the person at the printshop who will be responsible for preparing the design.

If the advertising will bear a business name and logo, a sample of the design that is preferred can be given to the operator of the screen-printing equipment. The same design that is printed on a business card or another type of advertisement can be furnished during a preliminary consultation with the machine operator.

Once the stencil has been prepared, the machine operator will duplicate the design on jackets, hats, shirts, tote bags, fabric banners, or any other type of textile that the customer has selected.

Product Usage

There are many ways to use screen printing to boost sales. Screen-printed textiles can be displayed within a place of business. Screen-printed shirts and other clothing items can be handed out during conventions, sales meetings, and other functions that will garner a lot of attention.

Screen-printed items can also be sold for profit. People who do business with a particular company may be interested in purchasing custom clothing that is representative of the company.

When screen-printed items are worn, the advertising for a business will be seen by anyone who comes into contact with a person who is wearing a screen-printed item.

Additional Orders

The printing company that was responsible for adding screen printing to the original batch of clothing and accessories will save the custom stencil that was used for printing purposes. Clients can reorder a new batch of screen-printed products whenever they need more.

For more information about screen printing, reach out to a local service.