The Magic IRC: Why It Works As A Promotional Material

An IRC is an "instant redeemable coupon." A folded IRC is one that has been made into a sort of pull-out from the packaging; you know the ones. They say "pull here" on the corners and then you pull them out into a fan-style or paper doll sort of string to reveal one or  more coupons along the string. Consumers go "ga-ga" for IRCs and folded IRCs, which is why companies have slightly elevated profits when these coupons are included on the packaging. [Read More]

Supplies And Stuff You Need To Package Your Handcrafted Soap

Small businesses benefit from keeping a few basic packaging supplies on-hand, and this includes soap-makers. Soap might not seem like a product that requires a lot of paper goods and printing supplies, but if you are in business, there are some items you simply cannot do without. Some packaging supplies that you will need for your soap are: Labels. If you are in the soap business, quality labels are essential. Not only will you want to label the soap to identify what it is and who made it, but you also are required by law to label your product with the ingredients. [Read More]

Options For Preprinted Return Address Labels

If you are thinking about having preprinted shipping labels made, either for personal or business purposes, then you should educate yourself on some of the various options you will have available to you with regards to the return address labels. You can choose from so many options that you will end up with ones that help you present your mail the way you want. Here are some of the different options for preprinted return address labels: [Read More]

Offset And Digital Printing Compared

If you have a printing project needs to be handled by a professional print house, you have a lot to consider. Before you take your project to the pros, you should first understand the main differences between digital and offset printing. In some cases, one method will be more practical and economical than the other method. This article compares the two popular printing methods that should help you decide which will be most appropriate for your projects. [Read More]