How To Improve Workplace Productivity By Turning Your Photocopier Into An Integrated Communications Hub

Can your copy machine replace your secretary? In the time it takes you to provide copying instructions, you could relay the same information to your copy machine and already have the job partly complete.  You may not be ready for a man versus machine showdown in your office. But you should consider whether your copy machine could be working harder for you. Advanced integrated functions can improve your workflow, yet they are the least used services on copy machines.

Building Your Real Estate Business? Include Postcards in Your Marketing Plan

It is often said that real estate is much more about building relationships with people than houses, land, and commercial property. Real estate agents and brokers once had to use the telephone, personal visits, and the United States Postal Service to stay in touch with existing clients and find new ones.  As technology progressed, many agents and brokers moved their relationship-building strategies online. While this may work well enough for successful, established agents with large lists of satisfied clients, online marketing may not be as successful for newer agents or those who need to grow their business.