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3 Key Features Found On Delta Sigma Theta Congratulations Cards

If you know a college student who is part of the Delta Sigma Theta sorority, then they have become a huge part of tradition and honor across many chapters on college campuses in the United States. One way to celebrate the honor or other achievements within the sorority is through the use of congratulation cards.

As you shop for assorted Delta Sigma Theta congratulations cards, you will come across three design features that make the cards unique and really stand out. Check out the three features to look for and how they become prominent features on the card designs.

1. Red Colors

The main color associated with Delta Sigma Theta is red. Typically, design elements used for the sorority are red and cream. When you shop for the cards, look for red themes and designs featured all over the card. If the background of the card is red, then the text will typically appear in cream. If the text is red, then the background features cream.

Along with the card, the envelope will often feature red color tones. Anyone who is part of Delta Sigma Theta will recognize the colors upon reception of the card.

2. African Violet

Many sororities have an official flower. The African Violet represents Delta Sigma Theta and showcases rich colors and elegant designs. When you shop for congratulation cards, look for the African Violet design on the cards. The card could showcase the flowers as the main image or as a background and border design.

The colors of the flowers contrast well with the red colors and look great when placed on display.

3. Lady Fortitude

Lady Fortitude represents another key symbol for Delta Sigma Theta. The classic statue design features a female form in a pose that looks similar to the letter "F." Instead of details and facial features, the Lady Fortitude design has a silhouette finish. The statue itself typically features solid red colors.

In some cases, Lady Fortitude may showcase the words "Delta Sigma Theta" drawn through the body. Look for cards with Lady Fortitude designs on the front, back, or the inside. Some cards feature the design as the main focus and can represent a lot of celebration within the sorority.

Purchase an assortment of cards to use for the Delta Sigma Theta sorority. When you have a large assortment available, you have the option to hand out cards to new members or save them for special occasions when sorority members earn special achievements.

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