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Building Your Real Estate Business? Include Postcards in Your Marketing Plan

It is often said that real estate is much more about building relationships with people than houses, land, and commercial property. Real estate agents and brokers once had to use the telephone, personal visits, and the United States Postal Service to stay in touch with existing clients and find new ones. 

As technology progressed, many agents and brokers moved their relationship-building strategies online. While this may work well enough for successful, established agents with large lists of satisfied clients, online marketing may not be as successful for newer agents or those who need to grow their business. 

For these agents, the power of the common postcard may be a much better marketing vehicle, and here are some compelling reasons why. 

Inbox crowding

Email has become the most common way for people to correspond with friends, relatives, and their business and service providers. Because of this, most people receive a constant trickle of important emails each day, interspersed with dozens of less important marketing emails. 

This flood of email leads to a crowded inbox and an increased possibility that an email newsletter from a real estate agent will be ignored and discarded without being opened. In contrast, real estate agents who choose to send messages and updates via colorful, attention-grabbing postcards increase the odds that the recipient will scan the information, instead of automatically hitting the delete button. 

Personal connections

It is hard to make an email message feel warm and personal. Instead, most are more apt to make the recipient feel that the message is part of an impersonal drip email marketing campaign. 

Agents who choose to use postcards to market a new listing or price reduction, provide community news, or just say hello to their clients are choosing to establish and maintain a more personal connection that can help them be more easily remembered when real estate services are needed. Scribbling a quick note and handwriting the address, instead of using a mailing label will make the postcard stand out even more in the sea of mailing labels and pre-printed envelopes found in most mailboxes. 

Contact information

Real estate agents who regularly mail postcards to current clients and people they hope will become clients are providing a sort of business card to provide their contact information. Postcards are just the right size to stick on refrigerators, use as bookmarks, and slide into desk drawers, making the agent's contact information readily available without the need for web searches or the phone book. 

If you are a real estate agent guilty of ignoring postcard marketing in the past, taking time to explore readily available postcard printing solutions can help you understand the value they may have in expanding your business.