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Are You Giving Unique Clothing Gifts This Christmas?

Have you already made out your Christmas shopping list? If not, you are more than likely in the process of creating that list now. If you have decided that this is the Christmas that you will give unique clothing presents to those on your gift list, from choosing custom T-shirts to buying other clothing, here are some ideas that might help you.

Custom T-shirts - Do you have a single person on your gift list that doesn't wear T-shirts? Probably not. And, if you do have somebody on your list that you have never seen in a T-shirt, maybe you'll be the hero that will introduce that person to the fun and ease of wearing them, especially if they are custom designed just for them. As you consider the type of T-shirt that you will be buying for friends and family members, consider their personality and consider their favorite things. For example, if you have a friend who loves to read, you can select a T-shirt with a worm wearing reading glasses and reading a book as the t-shirt design. You can even choose the caption for your custom T-shirt. The bookworm one might say something like, Have You Read A Good Book Lately? Perhaps you have a person on your gift list that loves to travel. If so, you will more than likely be able to easily find T-shirts with things like The Eiffel Tower or a map of the world as the design on the front of the shirt. 

Add To The Gift - While one T-shirt might be plenty for some of the recipients of your Christmas gifts, you might want to give a more important gift to some of the others on your list, say your mom and dad or your spouse. If that's the case, still give the custom T-shirt, but give an additional gift along with it. For instance, you might have noticed that your father's favorite leather belt is truly old now. If that's the case, consider buying a leather belt that will replace the older one. Another idea is to buy fancy jeans to go with the custom T-shirt you purchase. For example, if you bought a custom T-shirt that has rhinestones as part of the design, think of buying denim blue or black jeans that also have rhinestones as the focal point of the jeans. And, if you want to give a super gift, consider the T-shirt, a leather belt, and brand-new leather boots to complete the gift.