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The Magic IRC: Why It Works As A Promotional Material

An IRC is an "instant redeemable coupon." A folded IRC is one that has been made into a sort of pull-out from the packaging; you know the ones. They say "pull here" on the corners and then you pull them out into a fan-style or paper doll sort of string to reveal one or  more coupons along the string. Consumers go "ga-ga" for IRCs and folded IRCs, which is why companies have slightly elevated profits when these coupons are included on the packaging. Here are some more reasons why these IRCs work as a promotional material, in case you need further convincing.


There is just something in the human DNA or the development of the human psyche that compels people to peel things that are meant to be peeled. Peel stickers, peel stamps, peel back anything to reveal something behind what was peeled, and people are hooked. That is the biggest reason why IRCs are so irresistible.

People see something that tells them to "lift here" or "peel here" and they simply cannot help themselves. They may even peel for the sake of peeling with no intention of buying or using a product, but that still works to your company's advantage. The next customer just comes along and sees the exposed valuable coupon pulled off and out by the previous coupon and decide that the coupon is a good deal on a product they needed anyway.

Combo Savings

Deal hunters love finding IRCs on products that are already on sale. It is the lure of the "combo savings" that drives this phenomenon. People who "stock up" on good deals will also buy things by the half dozen or dozen when they see a good sale AND IRCs on the packages. When you stick foldable IRCs on one product, you can include coupons for "buy this product, get related product free." This really drives bargain hunters into a frenzy because then they can try another product your company makes while already stocking up on the first product while the first product is on sale. 

More of What They Already Need

If a consumer was already going to purchase a product they needed anyway, the IRC "gives them permission" to buy more of what they already needed. Consumers know from experience that IRCs on packaging are a limited time thing. Ergo, when they see the IRCs on the front of the packaging, they decide that they should buy more to take advantage of these coupons and not miss out on the deals.