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Supplies And Stuff You Need To Package Your Handcrafted Soap

Small businesses benefit from keeping a few basic packaging supplies on-hand, and this includes soap-makers. Soap might not seem like a product that requires a lot of paper goods and printing supplies, but if you are in business, there are some items you simply cannot do without.

Some packaging supplies that you will need for your soap are:

Labels. If you are in the soap business, quality labels are essential. Not only will you want to label the soap to identify what it is and who made it, but you also are required by law to label your product with the ingredients. Talk to a company like Dixie Labels & Systems Inc about the best labels for your business. 

Business cards. It makes sense to have beautiful business cards available to foster and guide potential patrons to your product, but there are some other sensible reasons to buy cards. When placing your soaps in cellophane or glassine bags, the soap can smear or smudge the translucent packaging; place a perfectly-sized business card on the back of the bar and slide it in the bag without a streak or smudge. 

Bags. Speaking of bags, you can order lovely glassine and cellophane bags from most printers – in the perfect size for each bar of soap. Allow room at the top for a closure, such as a ribbon or string, which will allow just enough air to reach your soap to keep it from sweating. While this moisture doesn't hurt the soap, it can make it less appealing to your customers.  

Shrink-wrap. If you are making cold process soaps, you will likely want to skip the cellophane bags and use shrink wrap or plastic to tightly wrap your soaps, depending on your preference. If you are going to use plastic or shrink-wrap, then you will want a heat gun to smooth and seal your packages up-tight.  Can't invest in a heat gun right now? Your blow-dryer will work.

Mailing supplies. If you plan to be mailing or shipping your soaps, you will likely need some padded envelopes, boxes, or mailing supplies. Check out your options that will fit your soap perfectly, while also providing you with the most cost-efficient shipment methods. It may help to discuss this with your postal service or printing professionals.

Visit your favorite printing company or site to find what you need to package your handcrafted soaps. Labels, business cards, bags, and other packaging supplies are integral to providing your buyers and customers with a professionally-packaged and beautiful bar of soap.