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Two Suggestions For Direct Mailing Success

When you're looking over your overall marketing strategy, you may be curious about methods that you haven't yet tried. If you've been focusing on internet marketing or event marketing, you may have overlooked direct mail campaigns. You may wonder if those can still be effective in the digital age, but the truth is that direct marketing can still attract a large number of customers if you observe the suggestions below.

Get a Good List from a Broker

Instead of sending postcards or brochures to everyone in a particular zip code, a smart way to determine who to send your materials to is to work with a list broker. A respected list broker will have different lists to give you so that you can capture the attention of the people most willing to purchase your items. For example, if you're selling baby toys, a broker should have a mailing list from a local toy retailer or baby clothing store. You will have to pay varying costs for each list you buy, but if you're wise about the lists you purchase you should have access to addresses of those who are likely to want what you offer.

Another thing you'll need to check is how recent or old the lists are. When you work with outdated lists, it's possible that the lists are no longer accurate and no longer reflect the people who live in the areas you're seeking to market in.

Create Targeted Pieces

Instead of focusing on you, your products and your store's address, it's vital that you pay close attention to your target audience and create brochures and postcards that they will respond to. What problems are they having that you products will solve? What do they want in their lives? When you're able to focus in with laser-like precision on their desires and needs, you are likely to have a much better feedback rate.

When creating your targeted pieces, you'll have to be very aware of cost. While your budget is no doubt an issue that you need to deal with, work toward making the best pieces you can. You might find that you make that money back when you start seeing business from your targeted customers.

Direct mail can still be one of the most effective ways to reach out to people who can use your products. Work with a nearby direct mail printer like Print Source to create the perfect pieces for your mailing campaign.