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How To Improve Workplace Productivity By Turning Your Photocopier Into An Integrated Communications Hub

Can your copy machine replace your secretary? In the time it takes you to provide copying instructions, you could relay the same information to your copy machine and already have the job partly complete. 

You may not be ready for a man versus machine showdown in your office. But you should consider whether your copy machine could be working harder for you. Advanced integrated functions can improve your workflow, yet they are the least used services on copy machines. Following are the most under-utilized integrated copy machine functions in offices. 

Copying Select Parts of a Page 

Time was when shredded pieces of paper were a common site at the copy machine. Many offices still treat copying as a cut-and-paste job. Modern copy machines do away with the need for scissors. 

You can easily create custom documents by making use of the scanner and select functions, First, scan the page. Then select the areas you want to copy onto one page. You can now set up a custom page design by choosing the placement of each selection on the page. To complete your custom document, save each page digitally and order them as you like.

Saving to Doc and PDF Files 

Photocopy machines have become communications hubs, providing many options for the next step of processing your document. If you want to insert the new information into your PowerPoint or other documents, you can send your file from the copy machine as a Microsoft or PDF file to your computer. 

Sending Off an Email 

Another productivity boosting feature of multitasking copier machines is the ability to send the document by email directly from the copy machine. Or if you want to do some post-processing or add a long message, send it to your your PC or mobile device.

Saving to Files and the Cloud

Your newly designed document can be saved to your computer files or the cloud. From both locations, seamless communication with enterprise services is possible. Send off a copy to marketing, development, or another department from your PC. Or after post-processing, send it back to the copy machine for copying.  

Turning your copy machine into a communications hub that communicates with your PC, mobile devices, and cloud services will boost your workplace productivity. Spending one hour familiarizing yourself with these features can substantially improve workflow and performance. At the same time, you will be  creating an environmentally friendly office by saving on paper and energy. Speak with someone from a local company, like High Sierra Business Systems or another location, to get more information.