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Offset And Digital Printing Compared

If you have a printing project needs to be handled by a professional print house, you have a lot to consider. Before you take your project to the pros, you should first understand the main differences between digital and offset printing. In some cases, one method will be more practical and economical than the other method. This article compares the two popular printing methods that should help you decide which will be most appropriate for your projects.

Offset Printing

Offset printing has obviously been around for much longer than digital printing. To put it as basically as possible, offset printing involves setting printing blocks, dipping them in ink, and transferring the ink onto paper. This process is more or less the same as the printing techniques that have been used for the last century. Even though it might seem like an outdated method, it still has a lot of advantages over digital printing.

First of all, offset printing is great for large quantity print runs. That is, it takes a while to set up the print job and get the block lines, but once the press is set, multiple rounds can be printed very quickly. Offset printing also offers some unique advantages over digital. First of all, it is easier to color match, particularly using Pantone colors. And it also offers better, more consistent colors compared to digital. That is, the first copy is going to be just as bright and true as the last copy.

Digital Printing

The best thing about digital printing is that it is more immediate and accessible. That is, more modern print houses have digital printing capabilities, and they offer quicker turnaround. Using modern software, a print job can be set up and executed within a matter of minutes. This is a huge advantage if you are only printing a few individual pages. Also, if you order will involve a bunch of variations, whether in the type or colors or anything else, digital makes it easier to make small adjustments.

Usually, digital printing will be cheaper in small quantities. However, when you get to large quantities, you are able to get better discounts on offset printing projects because it is a cheaper method once you remove the cost of setting the press.

In the end, digital printing is definitely the wave of the future, but offset is going to be around for a while. It has a clean, traditional look that professionals love. To learn more, contact a company like Webster Integrated Technologies Corporation-WIT CORP