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3 Mistakes That Could Sink Your At-Home Screen Printing Business

Starting your own at-home screen printing business sounds like a fun endeavor, but there are some pitfalls that could hurt your business. Fortunately, many mistakes that newbies to screen printing make are avoidable with attention to detail and research. To help get you started on the right path with your business, here are a few screen printing mistakes to watch out for. 

Failing to Do Your Research

Screen printing seems simple enough, but it is far more complex than you might realize. Not only do you have to learn how to use the equipment, but you have to figure out which techniques work best for your particular style. Although you can learn on the job, you can quickly fall behind on orders if you do this.  

To avoid this issue, take the time to thoroughly research screen printing before starting. You should also find out which equipment is best for beginners and take the time to practice. Even though you might feel you are falling behind in getting your business off the ground, the time you take to learn the equipment, supplies, and techniques will pay off.  

Not Targeting Specific Audiences

Whether or not you realize it, you have a lot of competition in the screen printing business. If you are attempting to cover every possible market there is, you can struggle to deliver a quality product and fail to keep up with your orders that you do receive.  

You can keep your business moving forward by identifying specific audiences or niches and targeting them. Instead of trying to keep up with what is trendy in various markets, you can focus on a couple and develop your products to meet those needs.  

Failing to Update Your Equipment

In the early stages of getting your business off the ground, your focus is likely on the finished product and attracting customers. However, you also need to start thinking to the future. As techniques change and trends come and go, your screen printing equipment and supplies will likely become outdated. If you fail to keep up with the times, you could be left behind by your customers and competitors.  

To determine if it is time for new screen printing supplies, take the time to evaluate your product and your customers' responses. You also need to keep up with what is new in the industry. If you see a drop in customers or a significant increase in customers for your competitors, it might be time to consider an update of your equipment and supplies.